Product Quality Statement

Our Product Quality Statement

Artemis Brands always looks for premium ingredients with purity and sustainability in mind. We believe the highest quality of ingredients ensures an exceptional finished product. Safe, potent and effective results from our Artemis family to yours.We create products we love to use and are delighted to share our high standards with you!

What else makes Artemis Brands products different?


Small Batch
To ensure optimum purity and potency our products are carefully crafted in small batches. Everything is made by hand!

lab tested

Guaranteed Potency
Each Batch is 3rd party lab tested (results right on our website!).

natural ingredients

Natural ingredients
We adhere to the clean promise! This means we are committed to a higher standard of health and safety that goes beyond what is legally required in the United States. We never use questionable ingredients, harmful irritants, synthetic fragrance or toxic chemicals. No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, petroleum, or mineral oil ever. No artificial colors, sweeteners or synthetic dyes or preservatives. We choose organic and/or wildcrafted whenever possible and always all-natural! We are working on becoming USDA Certified Organic.

no animal testing

Vegan and no animal testing!

organic product

We use only licensed and tested US Hemp: We seek out hemp farming partners that use organic methods of growing and test each and every one of their crops for purity & potency. The resulting extract becomes the highest quality CBD oil you can buy.

premium processing

Premium Processing
We use a vapor distilled process (evaporative flash extraction) to create a potent, fully-activated, high terpene, full-spectrum hemp extract! This process never uses chemicals or solvents and is pesticide-free. We also use CBD isolate and CBD Distillate from organic hemp farms in the US. We are actively seeking out reliable sources of Michigan grown hemp CBD.


In our offices and workshops, we are always looking at ways to improve sustainability! From recycling paper products, choosing glass over plastic in all our products or ordering raw materials from companies that share our commitment to the earth! We believe in reusing and recycling whatever we can. We are proud to offer 100% recycled shipping boxes and packing materials for anything you order from the Artemis Brand Product lines. These boxes are not just 100% recycled – they are made from 95% post-consumer content – and are manufactured right here in the United States!